Michael MacDonald - NSCSAuthority
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Michael MacDonald

About This Project

From humble beginnings Michael Charles MacDonald has grown in the business world to be one of the most genuine and recognizable personalities in Atlantic Canada. Mickey, as he is known by his family and friends, attributes his successes to the strong work ethic and sense of social responsibility his dearly departed mother instilled in him at an early age. Frustrated and trying to find a life focus, at age 16 Mickey left Grade 9 and headed west with some friends to find his fame and fortune.  He left the group in Toronto where the harsh reality of having no money or job led him to sleep in alleys and abandoned cars, homeless and hungry. Fighting was the only way to survive the street life. He soon discovered Boxing as the outlet he needed to channel his focus and provide the discipline to carry him into the business world he is successful in today. You never know where you will run into this quiet, gentle family man but one thing is for sure – Mickey is truly a champion both in and out of the ring.