Darrell Smith - NSCSAuthority
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Darrell Smith

About This Project

Darrell Smith is the Managing Director of East Coast Fraud and Risk Management Group, before this he was the President of Citadel Security & Investigations Limited and also worked as a stock broker for 14 years. He graduated with a BBA in Accounting from Mount Saint Vincent University and also holds the Certified Fraud Examiner Designation, The Canadian Investment Manager Designation and the Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.  He has been a student of Uechi Ryu Karate for over 38 years and holds a 3rd degree black belt, and has many years of boxing and kick boxing experience and teaching. He was appointed to the NSCSA in 2014 and currently serves as Vice-Chair. He is passionate about physical fitness and became involved with the NSCSA to help promote combat sports to young people to build confidence, respect and to live a healthy lifestyle.